Sunday, January 27, 2008

It was January 2004, when a volunteer trip to Kannyambadi, India and Bhimpokhara, Nepal started the next chapter of my life. Feeling grateful for the opportunities given to me in my lifetime I wanted to share my good fortune with those who were less fortunate. After researching ways to give my time, skills, and energy to people living in developing countries, I signed up to help build and repair schools with the organization, Global Volunteer Network. See photos below.

A common question asked by some has been, "why do work in such a far away place when there is so much need right here in our own country"?

This is a good question and one that has caused me to think long and hard about my actions. The opportunities for advancement of any kind are so limited in remote third world locations. We here in America take so many things for granted. Any child in the US has the opportunity to have a proper education. Certainly some have better opportunities than others, but as a rule the education system in America is very good. That can't be said for remote villages in countries like Nepal.

I believe that we have the opportunity to share our abundant wealth with these small villages that in this day and age, still don't even have electricity. We have the opportunity to give the gift of a proper education to those less fortunate. To allow these children a chance at a life other than that of subsistence farmer. Using this forum, I am raising awareness about the circumstances of a large portion of the worlds population. If we all think a little harder about the ways in which we spend our hard earned money, together we can impact the lives of many children and in turn the future of their communities. There are many ways in which to assist those less fortunate than us. I'm hoping that together we can pool our plentiful resources and share them in a way that will offer hope and opportunity to an otherwise impoverished community.

The children in these photos have been selected by the villagers of Bhimpokhara, Nepal to receive scholarships to a boarding school located 3 hours from their home. The funds to pay for that schooling have thus far been generously donated by my friends and family. I am committed to helping these children by sponsoring their ongoing education. The more help I can enlist in this process, the more children can be offered a better chance at a life we so easily take for granted. If you'd like to find out more about helping these kids, please send me a note (

I believe these children living far from us need our help as much if not more than those living around the corner or at the end of our block. For in the end you see, we are all one.

Thursday, January 24, 2008