Thursday, January 12, 2012

First annual Furniture Raffle for the kids

Hello-hello---Here is the story and photos about a little Nepali Tea Table...

Several years ago, in a fundraising effort for the children of Nepal,
I attempted to hike the 271 mile 'Long Trail' through the Green
Mountains of Vermont. This was a good idea, except for the fact that I
incurred an ankle injury at the 55th mile. From that point forward,
each step felt as though a laser beam was burning through my Achilles
tendon. With each step I questioned my task and came up with this
thought....."If I'm willing to walk for weeks through the woods to
raise awareness and tuition money for these kids, why not spend a
similar amount of time in my studio creating a piece of furniture to

While recently visiting the village of Bhimapokhara, I mentioned my
idea to my good buddy and fellow woodworker Dil. In response, he had
the idea to make ~me~ a table. Naturally I liked the idea, and so he
built me a small tea table as shown in the photos here. It's a cute
little table. It's size is 14" x 21.5" x 14" tall.

Now, for my most recent fund-raising efforts, I've copied Dil's design
and made a table in Black Walnut to raffle. I see this table as the
beginning of an annual furniture raffle to support the scholarship

The annual amount needed for the education of these kids is $8620. So
far with this current effort, we have raised $2930. My goal is still
$5000 and I'm hopeful we will get there. I thank those so far that
have contributed. Some of you have pledged, but haven't yet found the
time to write that check. Whether you want to be a part of the raffle
or just want to make a donation, 100% of your contribution goes toward
the kids education fund. Any donation amount is appreciated. Tickets
are $50 each and 3 for $100, 4 for $150, etc. I'm really hoping we get
to $5000!

RAFFLE DRAWING DATE WILL BE:  February 1st, 2012

All checks must be received by Monday, Jan. 30 so your tickets can be
placed into the drawing.

Tax deductible checks can be made out to:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
David Heinz/Nepal in the memo line

Sent to:  316 Parker Hill Road,  Springfield VT  05156

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!

Dil measuring

Dil/Heinz cutting

Brother Vihsnu/Dil cutting

Like father - like son

Hand cut tenon

Dil's tea table design

Dil and his son


Dil's Tea Table to raffle

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JC said...

Hi David,

Looks like you and Dil had a bit of fun with that saw! Donation is on it's way.